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The Flanders Country

In French Flanders you will find a fantastic place, where leisures and outdoor pursuit let you discover typical architecture. Our country is full of culture and traditions which have been around for hundreds of years. Discover our famous Gastronomy, typical products and events.
Situated between Lille, Calais, Saint Omer and Yper, French Flanders will offer you calmness and authenticity whatever you do, whatever you go ...

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Still completely surrounded by walls, whether they be mediaval or built by the talented Vauban, the town huddles at the foot of its belfry, which is lested as UNESCO World Heritage. On the hill that overlooks the town and which gave it its name, the ruins of an ancient Benedictine Abbey guards the area and the musée du Mont de Piété reveals some of its rich collection in a beautiful yellow brick building. Known as "the other Bruge of the Flanders", Bergues has a heritage, gastronomy, friendliness and environment that is authentic and traditional.

O.T. e Bergues
Beffroi - Place Henri Billiaert
59380 Bergues
+33 (0)3 28 68 71 06


The Linen Country benefits from a rich cultural heritage where Flemish architecture reigns as it did in the past : superb Hallkerques (Hall churches), beautiful retables, two windmills, including one from the 12th century considered the oldest in Europe (1127). Contry oads are ideal for exploring nature thanks to the many footpaths, cycle paths and bridle ways. From June to September, linen is grown and promoted by local producers (bike and walking tours to discover how linen is grown, local specialities based on linen, linen clothing and upholstery shops, etc).

O.T. du Pays du Lin
5 Place du Général de Gaulle
59122 Hondschoote
+33 (0)3 28 62 53 00


The area around the Yser is at the heart of Flanders, Flemiqh is still spoken and it is even taugh at school. However, the ‘area’ borders on 3 territories: Inner Flanders, with its gently rolling plain, Maritime flandres, whicj cas taken from the sea and is uniformity flat, and the St Omer marshes, a lowland where water is master. Hedge rows and woded hills separate the 3 areas, which are picturesque and rural. The villages of the Yser area have largely remained agricultural; footpaths wind between traditional houses, and the remains of Flanders’colourful history are ever present.

O.T. du Coin de l'Yser
La Chaumière - 13 rue de l'ancienne Gare
59470 Volckerinchove
+33 (0)3 28 62 07 73


Watten is, with its ‘mountain’ 72 meters above sea level, the last part of th ‘Monts de Flandres’. With a rich past, out town has kept the traces of time. During the different sovereigns and wars, Watten, saved thanks to the monastic presence, was chosen by a foreign priest to be the location for a monastery. The 20th century was the time of flourishing industry thanks to Watten’s position at the cross road of communications. Walking along the Aa canal, you will reach the lock that still works with its barges, unless you choose to go for a walk along the hiking route ‘GR1128’ across mounts through countryside and woods.

O.T. de Watten
12 rue de Dunkerque
59143 Watten


The small town of Cassel, the highest point in Flanders, majestically overlooks the Flemish plain form its height of 176 metres. The city has a rich past, from the first Celtic inhabitants to Louis XIV, vho definitively annexed part of Flanders in 1677. During the battle of Ypres in the First World War, Marshal Foch held his headquarters here. From this past, it has kept its structure as a walled town, with its narrow streets, collegial church, old town houses and windmill, which still produces flour.

O.T. Cassel Horizons
20, Grand'Place
59670 CASSEL
+33 (0)3 28 40 52 55


Between windmills and giants, walks and meals, the Steenvoorde Tourism Office offers an encounter with Flanders based on conviviality.
Our pleasant town invites you to discover its festivals, popular traditions and land, with the typically Flemish landscape as a backdrop.

O.T. du Pays des Géants
27 bis Place Norbert Ségard
59114 Steenvoorde
+33 (0)3 28 48 19 90


The village of Esquelbecq is at the heart of Flanders and Houtland (literally wood country). It has kept its authentic Flemish character. It is crossed from West to East by the Yser, a famous little coastal river lined with oak trees, which has lent its name to the village, whose Flemish name is "Ekelsbeke", meaning "stream with acorns". Esquelbecq has a wealth of history, traditions and festivals. The memorial site "La Plaine au bois" recounts the massacre of 80 British soldiers in May 1940.

O.T. de la Vallée de l'Yser
9, place Bergerot
59470 Esquelbecq
+33 (0)3 28 62 88 57


Wormhout is first of all a town of 5,000 inhabitants, half way between Lille and Calais, is worth a visit not only for its busy commercial activities but also for its green and flowery environnement and its interesting patrimonial sites : its local folk and traditions museum (18th century), its authentic windmill (1756), its church, its band-stand (1930), its hikers’paths and its giants (ambassadors of the town – 1933).

O.T. de Wormhout
60, place du général de Gaulle
59470 Wormhout
+33 (0)3 28 62 81 23



Hazebrouck is characterised by its rich architectural heritage. It is the case if the Saint-Eloi church as well as neighbourhoods such as the weaver's quarter, which grew as the textile industry did. Also worth mentioning is the musée des Augustuns, the architecture of the Town Hall, which is improbable for Flanders, and that of the Magistrates court. Not forgetting the decorative touches on the facades, of course. If you go walking in the surrounding countryside, there are so many things to discover ! Thatched roofs chapels, estaminets (traditional cafés), forest, ponds, streams, etc. All of confidential Flanders is summarised in our two districts. Ready for the visit ?

O.T. du Pays d'Hazebrouck
Hôtel de Ville - BP 70189
59524 Hazebrouck
+33 (0)3 28 43 44 37


Let's discover our beautiful region : the Flanders Mountains and all its secrets. The rolling countryside is interrupted only by the familiar landmarks of windmills, belfrieds and giants. And so you have it, the French Flanders, steeped in tradition, lively end with an air of mystery.
As in the landscapes of flemish masters, who leave lot of space for the sky, this "houtland" or country of wood offers bearth taking views that are, literally, a must see. The mountain summits await you for beautiful country walks and religious or literary contemplation.

O.T. des Monts de Flandre
3, place Charles De Gaulle
59270 Bailleul
+33 (0)3 28 43 81 00


At the foot o the Monts de Flandre and a stone's throw away from lille, the Lys valley combines relaxation with discovery.
Walk in the countryside and be struck by the charm of the picturesque landscapes of the flooded areas and the beauty of nature.
Relax in the parks and leisure areas plated with flowers, scented and leafy, where you will find a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Discover the traditions marked by Flemish culture, folklore, authenticity and the dynamism of its unhabitants.

O.T. de la Vallée de la Lys
Pavillon des Iris - Grand'Rue
59181 Steenwerk
+33 (0)3 28 44 20 04


Come to discover the local products of Merville and the surrounding area. Meet the men and the woman who produce and create these authentic tastes, guardians of the local traditions. They will invite you to share their passion for the land on the markets and their farms, on the banks of the Lys, marks of authenticity, quality, and often age-old skill.
Discovering the artisanal local products of the Lys valley means enjoying some delicious local recipes where sweet and savoury flavours mix, cheese, honey, traditional beers, potatoes, dried beans, etc.

O.T. Merville
Hôtel de Ville
59660 Merville
+33 (0)3 28 48 20 22

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